ISKOTECA™ is the ISKO™ division specialising in the exploration of cutting-edge techniques in terms of treatment, washing and finishing. 360 square metres of pure innovation, where experiments are made with the techniques which will then be used in ISKO™ collections, working alongside the partner brands to provide customized services, with a view to choosing the most suitable style for each season.

Looking to the future while cherishing the past: this is ISKOTECA™, which – apart from fostering research – also preserves all the innovations developed by ISKO™ over the years, an archive featuring over 25,000 garments, all of them perfectly easy to trace and thus to reproduce, for the brand that chooses to be inspired and that, in this meeting place between past and future, can always find the solution it is looking for.


●  Research and experimentation

●  Customised services

●  Garment traceability

●  Archive

●  Workshops dedicated to product culture and developments in the industry

●  Innovations for ISKO™ collections